More than just a name

Standing out in a competitive market is always a crucial part of building a successful business - especially in the early days.

That's where franchising with Complete Pest Solutions makes all the difference. As a company that exists to solve our customers' problems, nothing sets us up for growth better than offering more solutions to more problems. You don't want to be just another company offering a handful of services and turning away the rest. You want to stand out.

You want to be Complete.

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General Pests

Common household pests generally covered with a generic treatment program.

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Stinging Insects

Nests and hives can pop up anywhere with little warning.

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Specialty Insects

From bedbugs to termits and everything in between, some special pests require special treatments.

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Mice and rats are some of the most invasive household pests.

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Ground animals

Raccoons, squirrels, moles and more frequently find their way into places that require humane removal.

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Flying animals

Birds and bats represent just a couple of the flying animals that routinely require careful removal.

What's better than owning a business?

Owning two businesses.

The pest control industry has all kinds of brands that are offering franchise opportunities. The vast majority of these concepts are limited in scope - meaning they only service a specific set of problems. Some focus on mosquito control, some on general pests, some on just wildlife, and so on. Each one of these categories represents entire businesses that do only that, which means as one of the few concepts in the industry that do ALL of it, we provide the opportunity to launch the equivalent of multiple businesses at one time - and with just one franchise fee.

Even when compared with the few other brands who offer a similar range of services as Complete Pest Solutions, we still rise above the competition. We offer franchisees with a much lower total buy-in price, lower fees, larger territories, and more territory availability.

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Small businesses often have a difficult time competing for large contracts. That's why most pest control operators service mostly (or only) residential customers with low revenue per contract.

Complete Pest Solutions specializes in winning large contracts with property management companies, government housing and transit authorities, and more. These kinds of deals can bring in significant revenue, and they often run for longer than a standard residential contract.

When you become a Complete Pest Solutions franchisee, our corporate sales team will go to work in your territory to start locating and competing for large contracts. We'll handle the leg work so you can focus on servicing the customers you already have.