Pest Control For Businesses - Why You Need It

You may be surprised to learn that all businesses are at risk for a pest infestation, not just those that deal with food. Pests of any kind can ruin a business if left unattended. Ants, wasps, squirrels, and many more wreak havoc on businesses every day. That's why Complete Pest Solutions wants to help you. With multiple locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, you can rest assured that someone will be there for you.

Two men getting ready to do a pest control inspection.

Businesses At Risk

All businesses have the potential for pest infestations. But, some businesses pose a greater risk. 

Apartment buildings, hospitality services, and healthcare facilities carry the risk of bedbugs. Due to the layout of these buildings, if one room has a bedbug infestation, it may easily spread to the rest of the building.

Industrial businesses are large and inviting for wildlife pests. Bats and birds love big open spaces where they might make a secure home.

Education centers, gyms, fitness centers, and even office buildings invite stinging insects due to the tendency to find spilled juices and sticky snacks.

Proper Pest Control Saves Money

Commercial pest control goes a long way to saving businesses money. When your business employs a professional pest control company, you may save money on your insurance expenses.

Flies, cockroaches, rodents, and many others contaminate millions of dollars worth of food each year. The cost of replacing this food is substantial. Also, bedbugs may potentially ruin not only bedding but all other furniture and bedding in hotels alone. The cost of replacing each defiled piece may burden your business for years, if not permanently.

Someone in a hazard suit doing pest control in a kitchen.
Two people going over the tasks and terms of a full service pest control.

Pest Infestations Risk Public Health

The same risks that can cost you money may also risk public health and safety. If your restaurant serves contaminated food, many customers may become seriously ill. 

Bedbugs have the potential to cause a widespread infestation to anyone who visits your establishment. Bedbugs are not only itchy and inconvenient, but these blood-feeders also spread quickly throughout your home and even to your pets.

Peace of Mind

A pest infestation can cost you money and risk the health of the public and your employees. But, the peace of mind you garner from knowing that a professional pest control service is working for you is priceless.

The protection of your business should be at the forefront of your mind. Because you can also rest easy knowing that your reputation is intact. Peace of mind knowing that customers or clients aren't going to turn and run is a precious commodity. No one will be out there spreading the word that your contaminated business is less than up to par.

Someone in a yellow hazard suit doing pest control indoors.

Now that you know the risks of not having a commercial pest control service at work for you. Complete Pest Solutions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina want to offer their services to help combat these risks. With comparable rates and dedication to excellence, you can rest easy knowing that they are in your corner. Call today to schedule an appointment to start your custom pest control plan.