Pest Control For Businesses - Why You Need It

Residential pest control is beneficial to every homeowner. Pest infestations can cause severe destruction to your home and property. Everything from the wooden beams holding your home together to the food in your kitchen can draw pests. Your lawn and outbuildings are also not immune to damage. That's why Complete Pest Solutions wants to help you understand how a pest control service may help you. With locations in Northeast OH, Western PA, and South Carolina, rest easy that someone will be there for you.

Protects the Health of Your Family

Pests are disgusting. There is no way around it. Raccoons, bats, and rodents can carry rabies and other deadly diseases. Bedbugs feast on your blood. Ants and flies defecate on your food which could cause contamination, which can affect the health of your family.

No matter what type of pest infestation you have in or around your home, diseases are a prevalent danger. But, the good news is that all these diseases are preventable if you eradicate the source. A pest control plan can help ensure that these pests leave for good.

A man doing pest control in a client’s living room under a couch.
A pest control technician talking to the client about the service process.

Residential Pest Control Saves You Money

Did you know that termites cause over $5 billion in damages in the United States each year? What if your home were one of those? Visiting wildlife such as birds, raccoons, and squirrels may look adorable and be fun to watch, but these critters can cost thousands of dollars to just one home.

 Wise homeowners call in a professional at the first sign of an animal in their home. A professional pest control service works to save you money as well as your home.

Discourages Property Destruction

Early prevention techniques offered by residential pest control services can keep your home looking beautiful. Squirrels and other wildlife are known to chew through siding, drywall, and more to find shelter.

Did you know that bedbugs don't just destroy your bed? Bedbugs will infiltrate every piece of furniture in a room if not properly exterminated. They will climb into your clothes and will even hitch a ride on your pet. As people and pets move from room to room, the bedbug infestation spreads quickly, thus damaging the entire home.

A man doing pest control under kitchen cabinets.
A pest control technician looking for pests in a customer’s home.

Why DIY Isn't the Best Solution

Some homeowners try using traps bought from their local supermarket to rid the home of a pest problem. This might work for the short term, but DIY products generally don't work long-term. The reason being that homeowners don't generally know where to find the source of the infestation, or apply the products correctly.

A professional will diagnose the problem from the source, thus ensuring the proper disposal methods to rid your home of pests for good. 

A pest infestation is costly, can cause major damage to your home, and risk your family's health. Complete Pest Solutions in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina want to offer the best products and services to aid you with your pest problem. They also offer recurring service programs to combat pests all year round. Call today to schedule your custom pest control plan.