Expert Tips to Get Rid of Rodent Infestation at Home

Having a rodent infestation is one of the most difficult pest control problems. In the fall and winter seasons, these troublesome creatures can make their way into your cozy, warm home and prove to be quite a nuisance. They can not only chew through your walls and pantry boxes, but they’ll gnaw on electrical wires, causing malfunctions, and even house fires. They can also lead to several health problems, including allergies and asthma.

It’s never too late to take measures to get rid of these creatures. Here are some tips from our expert pest control professionals to get rid of, or at least contain, them until professional help arrives.

● Seal Entry Points

An obvious tip is to look around for any entry points where these rodents enter or exit. Seal them using steel wool and caulking. The steel wool makes it difficult for rodents to chew through. Rodents also enter through damaged drain pipes, so check them regularly. Pest control solutions service providers can also handle the entry points without incurring any damage to your home.

● Eliminate Food Sources

One of the best methods for pest control at home is to eliminate any source that rodents can use as food. These critters are attracted to anything they can gnaw on. Store dry goods and pet food in plastic or metal containers with tightly closed lids. Wipe down counters, stovetops, and tabletops after each use.

● Clear the Clutter and Keep Trash Bins Closed

Clutter and open garbage bins are an invitation for rodents. Our experts in pest control recommend keeping your home tidy and bins closed to eliminate food sources and discourage potential infestations.

● Use Quality Mouse Traps

Rat traps are an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of rodents. Our pest control experts advise checking the traps regularly to dispose of or release any caught rodents.

● Call a Professional

Rodent infestation can cause serious problems to your home or garden, but using these tips can help prevent or end infestations. When things get really out of hand, professional pest control solutions and service providers have the necessary equipment and training to handle such infestations without doing any damage to your home. Contact Complete Pest Solutions if you’re concerned about mice invading your home or if you already have a problem.