Five Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an increasing problem throughout the United States. They are definitely more common in homes and in businesses than they used to be. It is of utmost importance to know how to check for bed bugs. They can go up to several weeks without feeding. This makes it difficult to determine if you have a problem initially. You should know the five places you may inadvertently pick up bed bugs.

  1. Hotels
    Hotels and motels are the most likely place you might pick up bed bugs and bring them home. Check your room before you stay, as well as your luggage before you leave and when you get home. Inspect the headboard and the bedding for droppings as well as rust colored stains. You may want to invest in a luggage heater if you are a frequent traveler. It can destroy anything you might have brought home with you from your trip.
  2. Gyms
    People bring their gym bags into the athletic center and leave them in a locker. The bed bugs crawl out of their bag and into the locker. Eventually the bed bugs make it into your belongings. You will unknowingly bring the bed bugs home. If bed bugs have been reported at your gym, leave your gym bag at home and travel to the gym in your exercise clothes. Bed bugs will not travel on your person so you should be fine.
  3. Schools
    There have been reports of bed bug outbreaks at schools all over the United States. It is usually the result of a student bringing the bed bugs with them as their home might be infested. The bed bugs then start infesting the building. Students may bring them home in backpacks.
  4. Second Hand Furniture
    Secondhand furniture is a very frequent source of bed bugs. The original owner may not realize that the furniture is infested. Bed bugs can also live in couches or hide in headboards or cracks in woodwork. It is important to thoroughly inspect anything that you buy used and possibly treat it before you bring it and the bed bugs into your home.
  5. Moving into an Infested Apartment
    Your new apartment or rental home may already be infested with bed bugs. It is important to check your home, especially your bedroom baseboards, before you move in. You may request that your landlord treat for them before you move in if you live in an area that has a bed bug issue.