How to Keep Pests Out By Sealing Your Home

Sealing Your Home’s Exterior Is the First Barrier Against Pests

Keeping pests away is a fundamental prerequisite to maintain a healthy home, especially in the most vulnerable environments such as kitchens and basements where pests can easily breed. You should make sure that the exterior of your home is sealed to prevent any pests from entering your home. Read on to learn more about protecting your home from pests with insect and pest control strategies!


Properly Seal Cracks in Surfaces

Pests can spend their lives in cracks such as inside floor expansion joints or floor-wall junctions. A good prevention strategy is to clean the cracks, treat them with residual insecticide and fill them with sealant. Additionally, the drainage must be sealed because it prevents access routes for all kinds of pests. 


Closing Doors and Openings to the Outside

A large number of problems with insects and rodents can be related to openings to the outside, including doors, windows, cracks, and pipes. For example, doors that remain open, leave gaps, or do not close properly are an invitation to rodents. Properly sealing all openings and excluding pests on the outside will help prevent pests in your home.


Use Caulk to Seal Small Cracks

Caulking is an easy and inexpensive way to seal most places where pests can enter. Before you put the caulk on, make sure the edges of the area being sealed are clean and dry. Polish the caulk so that it forms a tight seal. Also, use enough putty to fill the width of the space and about ¼ of an inch deep. 


Fill Larger Gaps with Steel Wool and Foam

Mice can find their way through the smallest holes, so the first step is to check your home for common entry points for mice. Any hole larger than half an inch should be sealed, but there’s nothing wrong with sealing smaller holes as well.

Seal small holes, wrap the entry points, and fill cracks in your foundation. Fill gaps at the bottom of doors, seal supply lines, and other similar areas to prevent rodents and pests.


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Keeping the exteriors of your home sealed to prevent pests from entering is vital to maintaining your healthy home spaces and your property’s value. To do this, you can apply simple techniques such as using caulk to plug small holes, closing doors and windows to prevent insects and pests from entering your home, and many other preventative measures.

If it is too late and you have pests at home, or you want to prevent their appearance, hire a local exterminator. Contact Complete Pest Solutions in Youngstown, Ohio today, and we will take care of the rest!