Gutter cleaning is a dreaded and daunting task but a necessary one. Most people think this is just to clear the leaves, but there are other reasons that keeping the gutters clean is so important.

The main purpose of a gutter is to move the water away from the house to prevent damage to wood and the foundation of the home. Gutters filled with leaves and other debris can trap water and lead to damage to the fascia board as well as the roofline. If water is left in the gutters over the winter, it can also cause interior damage to walls and framing. When the water fails to drain, it can back up under shingles or run down the house, causing the wood to become damp, which can cause mold to grow.

This invasion of water also gives pests a place to breed and multiply. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant, standing water. The eggs freeze in the winter, but with temperatures as low as the mid-50s, those eggs start to hatch. This means that if you don’t have your gutters cleaned in the fall, the mosquitoes will be out in full-force come springtime! Carpenter ants also thrive in the moist environment that clogged gutters create.

As leaves fall and gutters become packed, it can provide not only shelter but also a food source for pests. Wasp larvae feed on other insects, and this abundant food source can encourage them to build nests around your home.

Having your gutters cleaned can go a long way in preventing a variety of pest issues year-round and can be a simple solution towards eliminating many pest issues. We offer gutter cleaning for one-story homes for only $200.00 and two-story homes for only $400.00.

Call Complete Pest Solutions to schedule your gutter cleaning service or, for added protection, get your free estimate for gutter guards! Our specially designed, lifetime-warrantied gutter inserts will keep leaves and other debris from building up and decaying in your gutters, removing the food and water sources that insects thrive on. Call today!