43 Roche Way

We have officially MOVED!!

All of us, here at Complete Pest Solutions, have been searching for this office for a while now. The old office in Canfield was a house turned into an office space. We had been there for years! In reality, it’s not as easy to accommodate the needs of the inner office, with only having one area for our Customer Care Reps and a small conference room for all of our Technicians to squeeze into. We haven’t always needed more room but it has been obvious the past few years that more would be needed.

It was time to find a more suitable space and it has been well worth the wait!

Our move had a bumpy road just like any other move.

Originally we were supposed to be moved out before Christmas! Then before the New Year!

Well, as exciting as it would have been to decorate a Christmas tree or start off 2019 in a NEW office, that isn’t what happened. What did happen, waiting, a lot of it, and setbacks from every which way. No matter how much we wanted to be in this space, it was not happening in the time frame we expected.

We thought, “Definitely before the end of January!” Not at all.

Feeling like we might be on the search again for another space…we found out that we would be moving out before March rolled around. This is just what we needed to hear!

We had been packed up since the moment we thought we were moving.

It is hard to work out of boxes throughout the office…not knowing exactly where everything is.


Is it in this box in this room? No, it’s in that box in the other room under 3 boxes.

Just knowing that we were moving, lifted a weight off of our shoulders and filled us with excitement for the new beginning that was approaching.

Then comes the rest of the packing away, all the items that could not have been previously packed must now find a temporary cardboard home!

Whenever you move your priority list gets filled with projects to bring your new home to what you imagine it to will be. We definitely have a long list here.

From getting rid of old wallpaper and cabinets to expanding other rooms and applying new paint!


With Anthony Farrell’s (owner) vision at work…each day we get one step closer to what it will be like to walk in this Office when it is finished. Especially knowing what it has come from and all the hard work that has been put into it along the way.
It is a process that we are enjoying here!

There are still projects in sight…


…but with everyone that we check off our list, it starts to feel more and more like home.

The new location for our Main Office is
43 Roche Way in Boardman, Ohio 444512.

We are very excited about the growth that has happened, to bring us to this point!
We can see that there is a lot of growth to come.
Thank you for your loyalty to us, through the years!